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71026441 NukAlert Automated Radiation Measurement Station 164, Achilles, VA, 23001 15uR/hr 9uR/hr 17uR/hr 127 ---
71026527 ARMS-2 Henrico, VA 10uR/hr 14uR/hr 27uR/hr 480 52 Seconds ago
71026583 Sentara Norfolk Hospital 8uR/hr 12uR/hr 16uR/hr 2 ---
71026646 ARMS #107 8uR/hr 13uR/hr 25uR/hr 480 39 Seconds ago
This is a real-time look at Nukalert-ER devices reporting their data via the PC app or via a "Gateway" system. Anyone with a NukalertER is welcome to contribute readings to this database.